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QUESTIONS? WE'RE HERE TO HELPList of Common Questions

How will I receive my plans?

After checkout you will receive an email confirmation from our system acknowledging your order has been received.  Our team will start preparing your order immediately and email your house plans to the email address provided at checkout, or provide a download link.  All plans are issued as PDF files.  Printed sets can also be purchased for an additional fee.

When will I receive my plans?

All stock plans will be issued within 7 business days.  Custom plans will vary, depending on the complexity of the modifications requested.

How do I request changes to an existing plan?

The best way to discuss a modification is to call or email with the plan you are interested in.  Depending on the extent of changes you have in mind, we can typically provide an estimate via email.  Be sure to check our “Modifications” page for the most common requests.

What's the difference between Plan(s) and License?

When we say “plans” or “house plans” we are referring to the actual drawings and when we mention “license”, we are stating how many times you can legally build the house from our plans.  Typically a “single use” license is included.  Which means you can only build the house one time from the set of plans that you purchase from us.

Should I buy the plan or should my builder purchase?

The buyer of a house plan is granted the legal license and right to build the house. As a homeowner, if you purchase the plan, you can hire any builder.  If a builder purchases the plan, even on your behalf, even with reimbursement from you, the builder has the license to build the plan.


If a builder purchases the plan and chooses to pay additional fees for a multi-use license, they can build the plan multiples times (per the terms of our multi-use license).  They can also build the house wherever they choose.  Even if you reimburse the builder for the license costs to build your home, you would not have any control on where another home similar to yours could be built.  Also, if the builder purchases the plan, regardless of your reimbursement, and you choose to hire another builder, you have no plans and no legal right to build from that plan.

STILL HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS?Additional questions from our clients

  • Clients
  • Consultations
  • Timings
  • Style

Who are your typical clients?

Our clientele come from all walks of life. They typically desire home designs that lend to their day to day lifestyles and have the comfort and flexibility they require for their families.

Do you offer free consultations?

We offer a free consultation within a 50 mile radius of our office. When a site visit is outside of the 50 mile radius, a small fee will be required. Generally, the ideas discussed during our initial consultation will give clients guidance and direction about their project going forward.

How long does it take?

Each project will differ in time and scope. An in-law suite redesign would take more design hours than the design of a two-story custom home plan. We offer time estimates for the time that may be required complete each potential project. If there may be deadlines or special circumstances for your potential project, those items should be discussed at the very beginning of the plan consultation.

Do you have a particular design style ?

Our goal is to ensure that the vision you have for your home design comes to life. We strive to place as many of your personal request in your your home design as possible, not withstanding changes that have to be made to accommodate code requirements as well as structural stability. We strive to design homes that reflect your personal style and individual needs.



Go 2 Home Designs is a residential custom home planning and drafting service firm located in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Contact us for luxury custom house plans to simple, yet beautiful custom home designs, we guarantee that the job will be done right.


220 Alby St Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 27803


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